Together In Arts Foundation

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Visual arts are a form of communication, unique communication that is able to cross any barriers, cultures, and languages. Visual arts can be called the universal language that everyone can understand. They are a reflection of human development; they are what defines us as Homo Sapiens. Visual arts reflect who we are and where we came from, and give an opportunity to understand where we are going and who we will be. So, that's why visual arts play a significant role in our lives.

Visual arts are a gateway to creativity - our ability to stimulate and use the whole brain. 

Purposes of Together In Arts Foundation (extraction from Constitution):

  • To encourage public understanding and appreciation of the contemporary visual and integrated arts, crafts, video arts and photography through public educational programming in forms of exhibitions, presentations, educational events, and publications.
  • To educate and encourage professionalism and growth of artists and talented individuals of different ages in areas of contemporary visual and integrated arts, crafts, video arts and photography.
  • To encourage the creation of innovative and provocative contemporary art considering it as the universal language, understandable by everyone, and with the purpose to familiarize public with exploration of multicultural Canadian culture. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” 
Albert Einstein